Annual Cover

We strongly recommend that each and every shipment is covered by a comprehensive marine insurance policy. We offer single shipment policies for imports, exports and goods in transit domestically depending on what is right for you.

Our premiums are highly competitive with first class underwriters with excellent claims performance. At the end of the day claims performance is everything.

Goods in transit can be exposed to all sorts of unforeseen risks and the carrier’s cargo liability can be limited and sometimes offer you no relief at all.

Single Transit Cargo Cover

If you are a myCargo member we can offer you single transit marine insurance online where you can print the insurance certificate at your convenience. myCargo users save money by insuring online however we are happy to make insurance policy arrangements on your behalf, upon request via traditional means.

Annual Marine Insurance Policy

If you are a high volume shipper then an Annual Marine Cargo Insurance Policy may be right for you.

Annual Marine Cargo Insurance protects you for consignments commenced during the period of insurance shown on the policy schedule and for any subsequent period where renewal is agreed. The maximum amount we will pay under the policy will not exceed the sum insured shown on the terms and conditions unless otherwise specified.

Open Marine Insurance Policy

An Open Marine Cargo Insurance Policy is not always limited by a certain sum insured.

Open Marine Cargo Insurance requires that you declare the goods to the underwriter who will insure the Goods in Transit by specific agreement for a period or until the agreement is cancelled.


Annual and Open Marine Insurance Cover

Annual and Open Marine Cargo Insurance cover cannot be accomplished purely online as risks need to assessed and premiums quoted by the insurer.

Please complete and submit this form and we will get back to you promptly.

If you have a shipment departing now, please use our single transit insurance platform to bind cover immediately until an annual cover policy can be put into place.

Proposal Form

Completing the Proposal Form

1.  This application must be completed in full.
2.  The term ‘Proposer’, whenever used in this proposal form shall mean the policy holder listed and all subsidiary companies of the policy holder for which coverage is proposed under this proposal.
3.  The terms policy holder and subsidiaries have the same meaning in this proposal form as in the policy.

1 Proposer

2 Cover required

* Annual cover to expire 12 months from the above date unless otherwise specific

3 Cover

If 'Yes', please provide details

3 Cover

If 'Yes', please provide details

4 Subject matter to be insured

If 'Yes', please provide details
If 'No', please provide details of shipping

5 Transit/Voyage

If 'Yes', please provide details

6 Conveyance

Please indicate Transit within your home country?

7 Valuation

Please advise how your goods are valued
If 'No', please provide details
If 'No', please provide details
If 'No', please provide details
Maximum value of goods Imports
Inland transit

8 Method of declaration

Please indicate if declaration is for
Annual amount shipped

9 Claims experience

If 'Yes', please provide details
Please provide claims details covering year-to-date and the last three years

10 Prior insurance

If 'Yes', please provide details
If 'Yes', please provide details

Duty of Disclosure

This contract of insurance will be governed by either the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) or the Marine Insurance Act 1909 (Cth).

Duty of Disclosure under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984

Before you enter into a contract of insurance with us, you have a duty to disclose to us every matter you know, or could reasonably be expected to know, is relevant to the decision whether to insure you and, if so, on what terms. This applies to all persons to be covered under this contract of insurance.

You have the same duty to disclose those matters to us before you renew, extend, vary or reinstate a contract of insurance. This duty however, does not require disclosure of a matter that:
•   Diminishes the risk to be insured;
•   Is of common knowledge;
•   We know, or in the ordinary course of business, we ought to know;
•   We indicate to you that we do not want to know.

Duty of Disclosure under the Marine Insurance Act 1909

Marine insurance is based on utmost good faith and in the absence of such good faith, may be avoided. Further, you have an obligation to disclose to us every material circumstance which is known to you and/or which in the ordinary course of business ought to be known to you. Every circumstance is material if it would influence the judgement of a prudent insurer in fixing the premium or determining whether they will take the risk. If there is a failure to make such disclosure, we may avoid the contract.

Non-disclosure or Misrepresentation

If you make a misrepresentation to us, or if you do not comply with your duty of disclosure and we issue your policy with terms and conditions that are different to the terms and conditions that would have been issued had there not been any misrepresentation, or your duty of disclosure had been complied with, then:
•   we may reduce the cover provided so that we are placed in the same position as we would have been in, had there not been any misrepresentation and your duty of disclosure had been complied with; and
•   we may also cancel your policy; or
•   we may treat your policy as if it never existed if the misrepresentation or your non-compliance with your duty of disclosure was fraudulent.


We collect, use, process and store Personal Information and, in some cases, Sensitive Information about you in order to comply with our legal obligations, assess your application and, if your application is successful, to administer the products or services provided to you, to enhance customer service and/or product options or manage a claim (‘purposes’).

If you do not agree to provide us with the Information, we may not be able to process your application, administer your policy or assess your claims.

By providing us with your Information, you consent to its use and disclosure for relevant purposes to insurers, our service providers, our business partners or as required by law.

Insurers may obtain Information from government offices and third parties to assess a claim in the event of loss or damage.

Information about this insurance

The policy

Marine Cargo insurance applies to goods in transit via air, sea, road and rail. Post is excluded.

Annual policy

An Annual Marine Cargo policy is a convenient insurance of all shipments where the risk attaches during the policy period. Premium is payable by deposit based on estimated value of annual shipments and adjustable on the actual declared value of shipments.


The information contained in this proposal is an outline of the cover provided. Full details of the cover with all limitations, exclusions and conditions are contained in the policy. The terms and conditions offered to you may vary from the information on cover given in this proposal form.

The cover

The internationally accepted Institute Cargo Clauses are used for Marine Cargo insurance. These clauses provide different levels of cover and specific conditions for some commodities. They allow cover to be tailored to a client’s specific requirements.

Please note that in certain circumstances All-Risks cover may not be available – please refer to our quotation for details of the cover we can provide .

No insurance cover is provided until the proposal is accepted and details of cover are confirmed in writing.

Limit of liability

To recover the full amount of any loss it is essential that you select a limit of liability adequate for the maximum amount of goods at risk on any one conveyance or at any one location in the ordinary course of transit.

Certificates of insurance

Export shipments often require a certificate of insurance to be issued, often as a letter of credit requirement and for assignment to the buyer, to allow a claim to be settled overseas. We will either issue the certificates for you or provide you with a self issue facility. All certificates must be issued in accordance with the policy.


The procedure to follow in case of loss or damage is explained on the insurance certificate and/or policy. Please follow this precisely.

In the event of loss or damage which may result in a claim, immediate notice must be given in line with the insurance certificate. A surveyor may be appointed to examine the cargo and issue a survey report about the incident.

11 Declaration

I/We authorise myCargo Pty Ltd to collect or disclose any personal information relating to this insurance to/from any other insurers or insurance reference service. I/We declare that I/we have read and understood the duty of disclosure, non disclosure and policy conditions contained herein and confirm that no information has been withheld which could affect the acceptance of this application.