Incredible logistics software

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Incredible Logistics Software

myCargo provides incredible cloud and mobile device based logistics software that is changing the way deliveries are arranged and accomplished for shippers, freight forwarders and carriers alike.

Our founders are master logisticians and are “hands on” in the development and testing of every aspect of our technology and strategies that integrate perfectly with modern, ever faster and more efficient transport methods. We are progressively releasing game changing technology to improve supply chains link by link.

myCargo widget modules are provided free of charge to partners and are simple and easy for your clients to use. They can be deployed to any website in any code and are compatible with all major internet browsers. They are also mobile device responsive.

The myCargo Insurance platform is in final beta testing now and is a game changer for the way single marine transit insurance is bound. Quotes for premiums are delivered instantly and cover can be placed immediately.

LIVE Quote is next to be released. This is highly sophisticated and will enable freight forwarders and transport providers to completely automate the quotation process from end to end. Their shippers can self-serve and receive an instant LIVE Quote and then book and even pay online. This will radically improve customer service for shippers and reduce the acquisition cost of jobs for logistics companies.

myCargo ERP is in beta testing with two freight forwarding partners right now and will be released by the end of 2018.

Our goal for myCargo is to become the logistics platform that powers world trade by helping facilitate optimised transport of over one billion tonnes of cargo annually. We know that’s an audacious target that we cannot reach alone so our model is to empower, support and partner with transport industry players including shippers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, carriers, marine insurance brokers, customs and quarantine authorities.

myCargo – Incredible Logistics Software